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Welcome to our schools

About the history of schools

ABDULRAHMAN FAKIEH School Exemplary Schools are classified among the leading schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are established to be compatible with the recent scientific and technical development under the guidance of Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Qader Fakieh – may God protect him.  The objectives of the schools make use of the latest of modern technologies in education aiming to raise the level of teaching in Makkah. Since the very first year of starting these schools, both international and general streams were established at the same time. The public program offers the curricula of the Ministry of Education in a sophisticated global way starting from the first grade to the third one in the secondary school level. It has been reinforced by providing enriched content that includes additional programs.

These are mainly English, French, and computer. Moreover, the International stream Program offers all subjects in English as well as Arabic. The latter represents the true culture of Saudi Arabia. It also offers some subjects for teaching French and Chinese as extra activities. Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art Education and Physical Education are included, too.

The schools started in the month of Dhul-Hijjah in 1439. They were built on These are mainly English, French, and computer. Moreover,the International stream Program offers all subjects in English as well as Arabic. The latter represents the true culture of -

an area of ​​10,000 square meters and has 57 classes. These are equipped with the latest technology devices such as interactive electronic boards, surveillance cameras and live broadcast. They also include a sport center, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a fitness hall and a multi-purpose hall. The playgrounds are prepared to suit various types of games according to the international sports standards. There is a library that have digital resources too and afford all methods of researching and studying for the students. A compulsory session entitled as Craft Activities and Handicrafts

is provided weekly. There students acquire craft skills in agriculture, cooking, painting, calligraphy, knitting and design by qualified trainers. All of the buildings of the three schools include computer labs, scientific laboratories and clubs. For English and math clubs, there is a documentation center that provides electronic and paper archiving off all student documents, certificates, achievements and all the events of the schools since establishment. Each and every classroom is equipped with technological devices through which the lessons are presented.

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