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Intermediate- National

Preparing the students culturally, academically, socially and psychologically to build their scientific future.

 Elementary goals:

1. Empowering the Islamic faith in the same student, and making it an officer of her behavior
     and behavior, and developing the love, piety and fear of God in her heart.
2. Providing them with the appropriate experiences and knowledge to enact, so that they are
     familiar with the general principles and basic principles of culture and science
3. Thrill to search for knowledge, and accustomed to meditation and scientific tracking.
4. Developing the student's mental abilities and skills, and undertaking guidance and discipline.
5. Raising them on the Islamic social life, which is dominated by fraternity and cooperation, and
    appreciation of responsibility and responsibility.
6. Training her to serve her community and country, and to develop a spirit of advice and
     devotion to her governors.
7. Accustoming her to use her time in useful reading, and invest her leisure in useful work, and
     the conduct of its activity to make her Islamic character is a thriving strong.
8. Strengthen the student's awareness to know, as far as her age, how to face misleading
     rumors and destructive doctrines and extraneous principles.
9. Prepared for the following this stage of life.

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