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Elementary - National

The stage of preparing an ambitious generation conscious and orderly; respects others and accepts science. It provides them with the basics of correct faith, sound attitudes, experiences, information and skills. It includes all primary grades from first to sixth grade.

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 Elementary goals:

1. Undertaking the correct Islamic faith in the same child, and sponsoring him with an Islamic

    education integrated in his creation, body, mind, language and belonging to the Nation of


2. Training him to establish prayer, and taking him with etiquette and virtues.

3. Developing various basic skills, especially language skills, numerical skills, and motor skills.

4. Provide him with the appropriate amount of information on various topics.

5. Definition of the blessings of God in himself and in his social and geographical environment to improve the use of blessings, and benefit himself and his environment.

6. Raising his buddy taste, undertaking his innovative activity, and developing the appreciation

    of his manual work.

7. Developing awareness to realize his duties and rights, within the limits of his age, and the

    characteristics of the stage he is going through, and instilling the love of   his homeland and

    devotion to the governors of his order.

8. Generate the desire to increase the useful science and good work, and training him to take

    advantage of his spare time.

9. Prepare for the following this stage of his life.

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